About Us

Our family, as far back as I can remember, when we were out and about, traveling abroad, or on a road trip...  if we passed a flea market, antique barn, or even a simple sign that read “antiques” we would pull over.  I can’t say that as a young person I was thrilled to stop in these places.  I have a vivid recollection of dust, dirt, and the smell of moth balls.


My parent’s passion for antiques resulted in the opening of their first small store in the heart of Ambleside in 1989.  It had a beautiful big bay window and was attached to the old Odeon Theatre.  Opening in the height of Victorian Country, they named the store “Antiques & Old Lace” after the movie Arsenic & Old Lace.  They specialised in old English oak, pine, cut glass, crystal, silver, and were known for their selection of vintage linens.


Fast forwarding through our years:


  • The Odeon Theatre was redeveloped and we moved across the street into our current location.
  • Our focus broadened and we began to introduce new brands, our first being Emma Bridgewater tableware – a relationship we maintain today.
  • In 1993 we opened our second location in Yaletown, a then rough but emerging warehouse district in Vancouver.
  • With a developing trend in interiors to things less vintage we renovated and changed our name to one with a more timeless approach and more reflective of what we now offered. “At Home” as we know it was born.
  • We have had great years of international buying trips, renovations, brand research, and still find time for a good antique rummage which I have grown to love.
  • In 2003 we doubled the size of our West Vancouver store to accommodate the newly acquired Farrow & Ball brand of paint & wallpaper. Shortly thereafter we said goodbye to Yaletown after 10 terrific years.  It was time to stick to what we do best, where we do it best – the community in which we grew up and where our business grew best – West Vancouver.


Through the decades and trends our vision remained the same: To bring what we believe to be some of the finest things to your home and welcome you into our store the way we would welcome you into our home.  We are passionate about things from the past, how they were made and their relevance in today’s home.  We are dedicated to the brands we sell – their quality, craftsmanship and the people who produce them.